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I share your vision for an economically strong region
that values its natural beauty.  Help me protect
York District 1 and the entire county by:
  • working to protect York District 1 from explosive population growth like we have seen in the past decade, advocating for current residents instead of big developers. 

  • encouraging historical and natural tourism, and the repurposing of empty commercial space before clearing more forest.

  • demanding fiscal responsibility from York County's leaders.

Please spread the word, and consider volunteering!


All you need is a couch and a few chairs!  Invite your friends and neighbors over, provide drinks and hors d’ oeuvres, and Doug will do the rest!  


This is a great opportunity for people to tell him what they love about District 1 and what they’d like to change.

To arrange a date, email:


Put your creative, social or administrative skills to work for a great cause!  Whether it’s designing yard signs or knocking on doors, you can help usher in the change we need for District 1

To volunteer, email: 


You don’t have time to volunteer? That’s okay.  You can help by making a donation.  Publicity costs money, and your donation will help us spread the word 

Join the Doug Holroyd Campaign

Walt Latham
York County Registrar

5322 Geo. Wash. Mem. Hwy
Yorktown, VA 23692

Phone: 757-890-3440

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